IAGOD co-sponsored conference “Granites and the Earth Evolution -2017”

We are pleased to announce the III conference “Granites and the Earth Evolution” which will be held at the end of August 2017 and will be devoted to different problems of petrology, metallogeny, physico-chemical conditions and geodynamiс settings of granitic magmatism. This international conference is designed to be a continuation of similar conferences held in Ulan-Ude in 2008 and in Novosibirsk in 2014. “Granites and the Earth Evolution” is not an alternative to world-known Hutton Symposium, but an additional possibility for Russian and foreign granite petrologists to discuss relevant petrological problems: from the experimental study and characteristics of granitic rock mineralogy to the physico-chemical and geotectonic conditions of granite origin and metallogeny.

The forthcoming conference will be held in the Urals which is a perfect example of epioceanic orogens and a mafic-type fold belt, and the excellent natural site for the study of the mantle-crust interaction and granite sources of different composition and age.

The key issues of the conference are:
 the granite origin in geological history, granite melt sources, the mantle-crust interaction, the role of the mantle in granite production;
 the mechanisms and physico-chemical conditions of granitic melt formation generation and crystallization;
 granitic magmatism and metamorphism, gneiss-migmatite complexes and their evolution;
 the aspects of batholith formation (melt segregation and transfer, magmatic chamber formation)
 the geochemical characteristics of granitic rocks formed in various geodynamic settings;
 composition and structure of rock-forming and accessory minerals; melt and fluid inclusions and their role for the estimation of granitic rock origin;
 experimental research of granitic systems;
 isotope geochronological research: the issues of isotope dating and estimation of the duration of granite formation processes;
 the metallogeny and ore-forming potential of granitic rocks, sources of ore material, granite- related metasomatites;
 the physico-chemical methods of analysis of mineral substance in the study of granite petrology and ore-bearing.

More details at the conference website: http://granite2017.uran.ru/

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