Supported by IAGOD: CERCAMS-16 Workshop & Final Conference of IGCP-592

CERCAMS-16 Workshop & Final Conference of IGCP-592

“One billion years of crustal growth from Altaids to SW Pacific”

NHM London: 27-28 October 2016


The conference will combine the 16th workshop of CERCAMS (launched in 2002) with the Final Conference of IGCP-592 “Continental construction in Central Asia” (2012-2016). Resulting from recent decades of collaborative research it will review the progress made in the understanding of the Central Asian Orogenic Belt and draw conclusions from comparison with other orogenic systems such as the western and SW Pacific. Focus will be on the geodynamic and metallogenic evolution of Central and East Asia, comprising the territories of the former Soviet Union, China, Mongolia and Japan. Special attention is further paid to the characterisation of giant ore systems and unique mine camps, featuring state of the art research from the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (Altaids) to the Uralides, and also including selected examples from the adjacent domains of Siberia and China. The established research network seeks with this meeting a closer involvement of invited experts from Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to use their case study objects for a reality test of the developed geological models (combined plume & plate tectonics, ore potential of juvenile vs. recycled crust, OPS, ridge subduction, novel geochemical and mineralogical tools and implications for advanced mineral exploration models). The workshop aims to synthesize and reassess interdisciplinary knowledge and to catalyse novel research in the architecture of Central Eurasian metallogenic belts by bringing together teams from universities, academia and the mining industry. There will be a series of invited presentations on tectonics, geodynamics and regional metallogeny, as well as deposit case studies. We expect attendance from international mineral exploration industry to sustain the fruitful mutual relationship developed over past 15 years. The event is supported by LODE and by IAGOD. Venue: Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, SW7 5BD, South Kensington, London Detailed joining instructions will be sent to registered participants closer to the event.

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