IAGOD Monographs


  • Seltmann et al. (1994) Metallogeny of Collisional Orogens
  • Shatov et al. (1996) Granite-related Ore Deposits of Central Kazakhstan (on CD-ROM)
  • Kremenetsky et al. (2000) Ore-Bearing Granites of Russia and Adjacent Countries
  • Khanchuk et al. (2004) Tectonics, Magmatism and Metallogeny of Active Continental Margins.
  • Proceedings of Extended Abstracts of the IAGOD Symposium on Metallogeny of the Russian Far East
  • Mironov (2006) Uranium of Mongolia
  • Osvaldo Arce, 2nd Edition (2009) 
    Metalliferous ore deposits of Bolivia
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