Ore Geology Reviews

Beginning in April 2003, IAGOD has assumed editorial responsibility for the international journal Ore Geology Reviews, published by Elsevier. As the journal's subtitle says, the journal is devoted to comprehensive studies of ore genesis and ore exploration. The journal publishes peer-reviewed scientific articles that profile major ore deposits and districts from around the world. The articles range from comprehensive reviews to new data and interpretations. Currently, the journal publishes 2 volumes annually, each volume consisting of 4 issues, both in printed and in on-line formats.

Franco Pirajno, the Editor-in-Chief of the journal, invites all IAGOD members to submit manuscripts for publication. With the active participation of our members, IAGOD aims to ensure the continued success of the journal, in which high-quality, authoritative papers are published that contribute to the understanding of the genesis of ore deposits at whatever scale. All enquiries concerning manuscripts should be addressed to the Editor-in-Chief. Guidelines for authors are available on the journal website as well as free access to abstracts.


Report on statistical data (2017) from Ore Geology Reviews: read more...


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