Kunming 2014

14th Quadrennial International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits Symposium

Mineral Resources: Discovery and Utilization. 

"Let's brainstorm"

Kunming, China 19-22 August 2014

Proposed Thematic Sessions

•  Mesozoic ore deposits along the eastern Eurasian continental margin
•  Giant ore deposits (Sponsored by SEG)
•  MVT, SEDEX, and VMS deposits through geological history (Sponsored by SGA)
•  Black shale-hosted mineral deposits (Sponsored by SGA)
•  Mafic and ultramafic rock-related ore deposits (Sponsored by CODMUR)
•  Iron oxide-Cu-Au (IOCG) deposits
•  Granite-related rare metal, Sn, W, and Bi deposits (Sponsored by WGCM)
•  Porphyry Cu (Au, Mo) and skarn deposits
•  Gold deposits: epithermai, orogenic, and Carlin-like (Sponsored by SEG)
•  Mineral deposit systems of active continental margins: subduction/accretion to collision
•  Dating techniques applied to mineral deposits
•  Mineral deposits and fluid dynamics
•  New technologies applied to mineral exploration and extraction

Important Dates

Registration opens                                      15th Dec 2013
Early bird registration closes                       15th May 2014
Open submission of abstracts                     15th Dec 2013
Abstract submissions deadline                    15th May 2014
Student application for  support closes         15th May 2014
Registration online closes                              15th Jul 2014


The 14th Quadrennial IAGOD Symposium will be held at the Yunan Convention Resort consisting of a modern conference center and entertainment facilities, hotels, and restaurants that are ail located in a garden setting.

Pre-Conference Workshops and

Short Courses

•  Mineral deposit models and exploration (Sponsored by SEG)
•  New technologies applied to mineral prospecting and exploration
•  EXPLORER: a new software for mineral assessment, prospecting, and exploration

Post-Conference Field Trips

•  Beiya porphyry-skarn Au-Pb-Zn & Jinding Pb-Zn deposits, Yunnan Province, China
•  Polymetallic tin deposits & related intrusions, Gejiu, SW Yunnan Province, China
•  Huize MVT-type Pb-Zn deposit, Yunnan Province, China
•  Carlin-like gold deposits in western Guizhou Province, China
•  Ban Phuc PGE, QuyXa iron, Cam Duong phosphorus, & Sin Quyen IOCG deposits, Vietnam
•  Phapon Au, Phu Kham porphyry Cu-Au, & a major potassium-salt deposit, Laos

Black-shale hosted Cambrian Tianzhushan barite and Zhijin phosphorus deposits and Neoproterozoic Mn deposit in Western Guizhou Province, China

For further information please contact the Organizing Committee: iagod2014@hotmail.com;

Website: www.14iagod.org

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