IAGOD Membership


Current membership stands at more than 750 scientists from 68 countries. These include individual members and also members organized within ten IAGOD National Groups (China, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Slovak Republic, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan). IAGOD welcomes the establishment of new national groups.
IAGOD members pay a nominal €10 in annual dues (individual / personal members), with the national groups paying a lump sum (€50-€1000), depending on group size. IAGOD is therefore an affordable association for many, even in economically disadvantaged countries. A number of corporations, including multinational mining companies, choose corporate / institutional membership (€100 annually). IAGOD offers to students free membership for a maximum of three years.
Membership of the association is open to all scientists inter-ested in genetic problems of ores. Please download membership application form and send completed to: IAGOD chief treasurer Prof. Reimar Seltmann and copy to account holder Dr Andreas Naegele.
Membership benefits
IAGOD membership facilitates participation in an international association focusing on ore deposit studies, including events organized or co-sponsored by IAGOD, reduced registration fees for IAGOD symposia, workshops and meetings, free IAGOD e-Newsletter, availability of IAGOD publications at reduced prices, and participation in the activities of the IAGOD commissions and working groups. IAGOD welcomes new members, including those who would like to work and serve in commissions and working groups, to give their energy and ideas to meet the many exciting challenges that face 'our' science today.
For membership payment please use the web shop  at: http://www.schweizerbart.de/iagod/membership-payment

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