IAGOD History


International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD)                                 

40 Years since the creation of IAGOD                                              
        The creation and development of the IAGOD proceeded in three stages:  
  • Stage No.1.  Establishment of the Provisional Commission on the Genesis of Ore Deposits.

       This Commission was established at the spontaneous wish of about 300 participants at the international symposium “Problems of Postmagmatic Ore Deposition”, held in Prague, Czechoslovakia in  September 1963.                                                        

        The following scientists became founding members of the Commission:                                
J. Bernard (Praha, Czechoslovakia), C.F. Davidson (St. Andrews, Great Britain), S.Deb (Calcutta, India), A.D. Genkin (Moscow, USSR), C. Haranczyk (Krakow, Poland), H.D. Holland (Princeton, U.S.A.), E. Ingerson (Austin, U.S.A.),  D.S. Korzhinski (Moscow, USSR),  I. Kostov (Sofia, Bulgaria), J. Kutina (Praha, Czechoslovakia), P. Laffitte (Paris, France), C.F. Park (Stanford, U.S.A.), S. Rakic (Belgrade, Yugoslavia), D. Schachner (Aachen, German Federal Republic), V.I. Smirnov (Moscow, USSR), T. Takeuchi (Sendai, Japan), G. Tischendorf (German Democratic Republic), Tu Kuang-chih (Peoples Republic of  China), W. Uytenbogaardt (Amsterdam, Holland), V. Zoubek ( Praha, Czechoslovakia), and P. Zuffardi (Cagliari, Italy).                
J. Kutina was elected secretary of the Commission.                                                        
         The commission discussed program of further development of a true international cooperation in the field of the genesis of ore deposits, and decided to hold the next meeting, in cooperation  with the Society of Economic Geologists, at the 22nd International Geological Congress in New Delhi in 1964.                                                     
J. Kutina: On the establishment and activity of the Provisional Commission on the                           
Genesis of Ore Deposits. – Economic Geology, vol. 59, p. 939-941, 1964.                                     
J. Kutina: Uber die Grundung und Tatigkeit der Provisorischen Kommission zur Genese von Erzlagerstatten. - Zeitschrift  fur Angewandte Geologie,  Band 10, Heft 8, 1964.
         The same text was submitted, by the Commission, for publication in the following journals: Geologiya rudnykh mestorozhdenii, World Mining, La Chronique de la Recherche Miniere, Zeitschrift fur Erzbergbau und Metallhuttenwesen, Periodico  di Mineralogia, and Vestnik Ustredniho geologickeho ustavu, Praha.                                                                      
  • Stage  No.2.  Transfer of the Provisional Commission to the International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits (IAGOD).                
          The Provisional Commission on the Genesis of Ore Deposits, established in Prague, Czechoslovakia, in 1963, discussed its organization for future activities  during the 22nd International Geological Congress held in India.        
       The meeting was in conjunction with the Society of Economic Geologists, at the Vigyan  Bhawan Congress building in New Delhi. It was opened by C.F. Park, Jr., Past President of the Society of Economic Geologists , on December 19, 1964, and was chaired by Jan Kutina, Secretary of the Provisional  Commission.                                            
        The program of the meeting was presented as Circular No.3 of the Provisional Commission, dated October 15, 1964, which was distributed to the Commission members and representatives of the organizations invited to participate (IGC, IUGS, SEG, UNESCO). Minutes of the New Delhi meeting were published in  Circular No.4 , on April 7, 1965.        
        At this meeting the Provisional Commission was changed to the “ International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits” or IAGOD. Provisional Statutes for the Association were approved.                        
           A Voting Committee, consisting of Professor W. Uytenbogaardt, Netherlands, as Chairman, Professor  C.F. Park, Jr., U.S.A. and Academician  V.I. Smirnov , USSR, proposed the  following  officers, on the basis of a secret ballot that had been received from 21 members in 15 countries. The officers elected are:                                                  
     President: Dr. Slobodan Rakic, Geolosko-geofizicki zavod, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.                        
     1st Vice President: Professor C.F. Park, Jr., Stanford University, California,  U.S.A.                   
     2nd Vice President: Academician  V.I. Smirnov, Moscow State University, USSR                             
     Secretary: Dr. Jan Kutina, Charles University, Prague, Czechoslovakia.                                 
          According to the consensus of pre-meeting written discussion, approved at the  New Delhi meeting, IAGOD applied for affiliation with the International  Union of Geological Sciences.  After IAGOD  completed preparation of its statutes, its request for affiliation was  discussed at the IUGS Executive Committee meeting  on January 15, 1966, and  approved by the Union. IAGOD was represented at this meeting by Professor  C.F. Davidson of St. Andrews University, Scotland.                                                               
           The objective of  IAGOD, as defined at the New Delhi meeting, is to promote international cooperation in the study of the genesis of ore deposits and to further the growth of knowledge in this field. This task will be achieved by means of:                                  
  a. International symposia organized under the sponsorship of the Association, or by                       
      the Association, once in a 4-year period between two International Geological                         
  b. Work through Commissions and working groups.                                                           
  c. Written information distributed by the Secretary to members  as Circulars.                             
  d. Enabling  national representative and individual membership in IAGOD.                                  
           For more details:                                                                                         
J. Kutina: International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits. – Economic                             
Geology, vol.61, No.3, p.618-621, 1966.                                                                     
  • Stage No.3.  Development of IAGOD since its establishment in 1964.                                 
           Dr. Robert W. Boyle of the Geological Survey of Canada described the development of IAGOD through 1989 by reviewing the creation and aims of the Association, referring to the symposia  and giving names  of IAGOD Presidents:                              
           R.W. Boyle: IAGOD: History and Aims. – Episodes (IUGS), Vol. 12, No.l.2, p.97-100, 1989.                                                                                             
         An enormous development of the IAGOD occurred since 1989, thanks to the organizational work of IAGOD Council, especially by keeping the membership  in touch through a regular, yearly publication of the IAGOD Newsletter giving detailed information about the activities of the IAGOD Commissions, working groups and other events. Special thanks for this work belong, in particular, to Dr. Jaroslav Aichler of the Czech Geological Survey, who served  as IAGOD Secretary General through 1999, and to Dr. Reimar Seltmann of the  GeoForschungZentrum Potsdam, Germany (now with the                           
Dept. of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum in London) who served  as the  Membership Secretary through 2004.                                                                          
           Starting in 2000, the IAGOD Newsletter is edited by the new IAGOD Secretary  General Dr. Nigel John Cook (Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim, now with the UNM/Geologisk Museum, University of Oslo, Postboks 1172 Blindern, 0318 Oslo, Norway), in cooperation with Jaroslav Aichler, IAGOD Associate Secretary General.                           
          Beginning in April 2003, the international journal Ore Geology Reviews , published by Elsevier, became the official journal of IAGOD, with Dr. Nigel J. Cook as the Editor-in-Chief.                                       
           A specific feature of IAGOD which makes it a very powerful international society is the work of its commissions and working groups that proceeds continuously  between the quadrennial symposia. Quoting from the IAGOD Newsletter 2003, p.72-74 which also gives the names and addresses of the officers:                                                         
   Commission on Tectonics of Ore Deposits (CTOD)                                                          
         CTOD WG1: Global Tectonics and Metallogeny                                                         
         CTOD WG4: Tectono-Magmatic Activization (Diwa)                                                  
         CTOD WG5: Remote Sensing Methods for Tectonics & Ore Prospecting.                                  
   Commission on Paragenesis (PaC)                                                                          
   Commission on Ore-Forming Fluids in Inclusions (COFFI)                                                   
   Commission  on Industrial Minerals and Rocks (COIMR)                                                     
   Working Group on Isotope Geochemistry (IGWG)                                                             
   Commission in Placer Deposits                                                                            
   Commission on Thermodynamics of Ore Forming Fluids                                                       
   Commission on Ore Deposits in Mafic& Ultramafic Rocks (CODMUR)                                           
   Working Group of Skarn Deposits                                                                          
   Working Group on Tin & Tungsten Deposits (WGTT)                                                          
   Working Group on Ores and Metamorphism (WGOM)                                                            
         Two of the IAGOD working groups have developed journals providing space for publication and exchange of opinions on the respective topics:                                              
         Global Tectonics and Metallogeny. A bulletin published by the Laboratory of Global Tectonics and Metallogeny, Washington, D.C., in cooperation  with the Commission on Tectonics of Ore Deposits (CTOD)  of the International Association on the Genesis of  Ore Deposits (IAGOD). Chief Editor: Jan Kutina. Printed and distributed internationally                     
by E. Schweizerbartsche Verlagsbuchhandlung,,Stuttgart, Germany. [Attachment No. 7].                        
       Geotectonica et Metallogenia. Published by the Changsha Institute of Geotectonics, Academia Sinica, Changsha, Hunan, China. – Developed by Academician Chen Guoda, Chairman of the IAGOD CTOD WG 4 “Tectono-Magmatic Activization (Diwa)”, providing space for further development of the studies of the processes of reactivation. The IAGOD also provides the platform for participation in the UNESCO-sponsored IGCP projects and for developing separate projects with International participation. The following monograph may serve as an example:                                                            
        Metallogeny of Collisional Orogens.  Edited by Reimar Seltmann, Horst Kampf & Peter Moller. 1994.                                                                                         
           The impact of the IAGOD on international cooperation reflects itself in the following statistics:                                                                                                 
  • The total number of IAGOD members, including individual members and members of the national groups, listed in the IAGOD Membership Directory of 2000, is over 750 people from 61 countries.  
  • The number of members in the IAGOD National Groups, listed in the IAGOD Newsletter of 2003, is as follows: China 57; Georgia 6; Kazakhstan 11; Kyrghyzstan  21; Mongolia 33; Russia 151; Slovak Republic 12; Spain 55; Tajik Republic 9; Uzbekistan 15 members. 
  • The names and addresses of all IAGOD members are given in the IAGOD Membership Directory of 2000, among them the individual members  of the United States  (80), Germany (37), Canada (34),  Australia (29), Czech Republic (28).                                           
  • IAGOD activities as developed since the creation of the Association in 1964, are reflected in the latest version of the statutes compiled by the former IAGOD Chief Treasurer Dr. Richard I. Grauch and approved by the IAGOD Council.                                          
Dr. Jan Kutina                                                                                              
Laboratory of Global Tectonics and Metallogeny                                                              
c/o Department of Chemistry                                                                                 
American University                                                                                         
Washington, D.C. 20016-8014                                                                                 
March 10, 2005


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